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L2jUnity - How to get access [Updated]
« on: June 10, 2016, 09:39:46 PM »
- Freemium system (thanks to Tryskell for permission to use his concept as base).


  • A free release will be made every 3 months (it can be delayed for more months), leaving customers at least a month ahead no matter what.
  • Free users have no support.
  • Free users can contribute to project, using free sources, and be rewarded for their work.

  • You will have access to latest sources, updates happens once a day.
  • Access to forum customer boards.
  • A premium user is a user that has purchased „Premium User“ subscription.
  • You will have access to latest sources, updates happens once a day.
  • Access to forum premium users boards.
  • Support is provided for non working but implemented features through the forum, bug fix support is also provided as long as it does not intercept the current development model (no temporary bug fix solutions, unless its a critical issue that prevents the use of the pack). Server installation is not provided, but we will support you when asking certain questions about the process.
  • A premium+ user is a user that has purchased „Premium User+“ subscription.

  • You will have access to latest sources, updates happens once a day.
  • Access to forum contributor users boards where discussion of contribution and development progress happens.
  • Development support is provided in order to make the contributions as clean and effective as possible. Such support might include a critic opinion, which we believe it points the way how contributions should be presented to match our development model.
  • A contributor is a user that has contributed a certain amount of work and is currently in a state of active continuous contribution. Any contributor that isn’t actively contributing is reverted to his previous user status, with the only difference that he will be indicated as ex-contributor. Contributor status is given and taken by our decision.

  • You will have access to main repository.
  • Access to all forum boards. Has deeper connection with Inner Circle and more extensive communication methods are used.
    An outer circle user is an experienced contributor with no need of external support and capable of excercising support himself. Outer circle status is given and taken by our decision.

  • It’s a main group of users which started and developed L2jUnity project.
  • Only chosen ones from Outer Circle may join us.
  • Unlimited access to everywhere and everything.
  • It’s in charge of everything and stays on top of the hierarchy.

By donating any amount to L2JUnity you automatically agree to the following.

1. All donations are final and non-refundable.
2. You do not receive any service or product.
3. Any attempt to fraud donation system will lead to permanent removal of your account(s).
4. You understand that this is a voluntary donation.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not send any donation. Donations are mainly used, to cover Github's payment's, domains, web-hosting and more.

Paypal address : The payment must be set as Family/Gift. If your country isn't part of European Union, you will have to add 10% to the total amount you wanted to donate (Paypal tax).
Once you donated, send a PM to all staff member in order to setup your account.

To become Premium/Premium+ User you will have to pay 20€ as joining fee. This fee is applied only for your first month of subscription if you are joining our project for first time or you ended your subscription and want to become Premium user again after few months. Next month you will have to pay only basic monthly subcription.

No longer accepting new customers.

(Re)Joining fee:

  • Joining fee to become Premium User : 40€ (20€ joining fee + 20€ for monthly subcription)
  • Joining fee to become Premium+ User : 50€ (20€ joining fee + 30€ for monthly subcription)
  • Rejoining fee to when inactive for 2+ months : 20€ (20€ rejoining fee + 20€ for monthly subcription)

Basic monthly subcription:

  • Monthly subscription to become Premium User : 20€
  • Monthly subscription to become Premium+ User : 30€

Extras (may only be completed by a free developer willing to do so):
  • Server setup (server installation and basic configuration): 50€
  • Creating custom modifications: By agreement
  • Various plugins for the plugin system: Depending on the plugin.


Using L2JUnity, you accept the following :
  • You will NOT sell any revision of L2JUnity pack, as a part or a whole, customized or not. If you want to sell custom modifications for the pack, sell patches.
  • You will NOT sell any custom modifications not of your belonging without the author’s exclusive permission.
  • You will NOT sell any pack derived/forked from L2JUnity without our exclusive permission.
  • You will NOT share or sell, as Customer or Contributor/Outer Circle/Inner Circle, any revision posterior to free revision share.
  • You will NOT share any information from our community boards without our exclusive permission. If you want to relate to any kind of information from our community, give a link pointing to its origin in our community boards instead.

L2JUnity forks of free revisions are allowed only when following the below conditions :
  • Your pack stays open source (in order useful fixes can be used in the main pack).
  • You use one of the free shared versions as base and don't update your fork with posterior changesets of current free revision.
  • Your pack always relates to L2JUnity as its origin and should contain any visible relation to L2JUnity (link, credits, contacts, etc.).
We reserve our right to change these terms without warning.

A miss to one of those rules can lead to following punishements:
  • As Customer/Outer Circle/Inner Circle, an immediate forum rank drop. In case you donated, no refund will happen.
  • In case you had support, you’re now alone.
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Re: L2jUnity - How to get access
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Post updated, please read it carefully again!